Who We Are

The Arc South of the James is an organization serving those who live with or are at risk of
intellectual disabilities and their families living near or in the tri-cities area of Virginia. It is
devoted to promoting and improving supports and services for people with disabilities and their
families. Members of The Arc South of the James consist of families, self-advocates, professionals
and concerned citizens.

The Arc South of the James improves the quality of life of children and adults with, or at risk
of intellectual disabilities, and the lives of their families, through awareness, resources and

The Arc South of the James is a private, not for profit organization located in Colonial Heights,
Virginia. It is a tax exempt 501 (c) 3 organization. The Arc South of the James  was established in 2011.

Board of Directors

President: Beth Edens
Vice President: Lia Tremblay 
Secretary: Susan Coon
Treasurer: Kristina Adams  
Parliamentarian: Anita Dommert

Other Board Members:
Mauretta Copeland
Richard Cuevas
Kathy Davis
Norma Draper
Patti Nanny
Alexis Nichols
Janet Rosson
Kenneth Stith

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